No plastic project 2019


Plastic Reduction Project

In April 2018 we started a "No Plastic" project, based on our import of ginger.

We have combined the use of racks, cardboard boxes and recycle crates to meet our goal of not importing ginger in plastic boxes.

Check the excel sheet for results and future goals:

Following up on last years plastic saving goal on our ginger arrivals from China.

We had a target of saving 50 tons and managed to reach 83,681 tons which was a success for us.

83,681 tons is the equivalent weight as  184.485 lbs


Our target this year on the ginger is going to be 75.000 tons. We will keep you posted on the status during the year on our website.


We are currently working on new environmental friendly packing solutions for our consumer units, should you have ideas or wishes then please come back to us so we can take your wishes into consideration in this process.

To save packing materials we have more clients who wish to work with recycle crates and pallets.  This means that we can offer sll items repacked into IFCO, SRS and EPS boxes and likewise using Euro, SRS, DPS, and Ifco pallets.