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Updated information on Ginger supplies:


Ginger supplies from our farm in China will be short in March.  This is due to the Chinese government closing down all functions since the Chinese new year in China to minimize the spread of the Covir19 virus.

Processing has been permitted again now and our employees are returning to the farms, packing stations and offices to resume work again.

Exports will start up slowly as processing plants resume work.  Box factories start up. Logistics are permitted and empty containers + shipping space becomes available.

We expect new arrivals from China in the beginning of April.

In the mean time we have sourced organic ginger from La Grama in Peru which will be arriving in the weeks of March and to supplement this we can offer young ginger airfreighted in from


We would advise that you keep close contact with your team at EMA’S regarding supplies of ginger for the coming 4-5 weeks so they can help you with the best solutions possible the coming weeks.

Global Product Supplies:



production will come back to normal pace at Fruit Plus in Malaysia.  This means that new activities and promotions again will be possible.


will be arriving from Africa by air starting week 10.   Supplies will be available from both South Africa and Zimbabwe.  We can plan activities and promotions if you would like.


We are expecting arrival of our Exquisita Limes from Mexico in week 11.  Pre bookings are possible.


Coming in by air from Brazil.  Please plan ahead if you have special requests or size preferences.

Thai Exotics:      

We have a good and stable production of all our mixed Thai exotics.  Quality is great at the moment.   

Pyramid coconuts are expected to be coming in again in week 11+12.  During summer the supplies are expected to be shorter and prices may go up.

Organics from Peru:  

We have weekly arrivals from La Grama of Maracuya, Grenadilla and Tamarillo.  Shipments are packed in 2kg boxes and quality is great. 


Plantain production is back to its normal good pace.  Standard packing is 22kg boxes.  Other needs can be arranged by your EMA’S team.

Ivory Coast

Production of Brown coconuts is coming in well.  We can now also offer organic coconuts in size 50.  Standard bags or packed in units as you want.

Mango season is due to start up for Easter.  Come back to us if you wish to have something preplanned.


Sweet potatoes from USA are available in all sizes and packings.  


Chilli production in Holland is starting up in April,  all packings possible if you have special needs.

Easter is coming up in week 15+16 in April.   Please talk to your contacts at EMA’S regarding planning, promotions and ideas for the festivities.

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